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Freight Forwarding Services

Freight forwarders provide services to manage cargo and freight across different carriers and modes of transport. A freight forwarder organizes the details of getting your carriage from origin to destination, working with the carriers directly, including the processing of any key work. Our Halifax forwarding division regularly handles international freight shipments (from anywhere).

What’s the Role of a Freight Forwarder?

Upon initial contact with a Halifax freight forwarding company, they will provide a quote for international shipping costs, any carrier charges, insurance, duties and the company’s forwarding fee.

When a freight forwarder gives you a timeline, including transportation choices and transfers, they should make a case for their choices. They understand import/export and customs law, telling you what you what laws apply to your cargo.

When you request our Halifax freight forwarding company services, we’ll get started coordinating with our carriers, verify any amounts, complete any documentation and handle the packaging.

Discussion Points Before Contracting a Freight Forwarder from Halifax:

  • Will your freight be traveling by air? When it is, you should check if the freight provider has been approved by the International Shipping Association. This shows the company operates according to best business practices.
  • Does the freight forwarder maintain an honest reputation with freight carriers and past customers?
  • How vast is the freight forwarder’s network of domestic and international carriers?
  • Do they use online tools and/or phones (etc.) to stay connected with carriers?
  • Does the freight forwarder meet your requirements for resources and services?
  • Is the freight insurances provided by the freight forwarder sufficient, including options like “errors and omissions insurance”?
  • Is the freight forwarder backed by a skilled, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable team? Does your freight forwarding code get monitored by web-based, real-time tools as international forwarding agents get the work done?
  • Do you get help with permits, freight insurance, Letters of Credit and other regulative documentation?
  • How about inventory management, distribution, repositing, customs clearance and packaging/crating/containerization?
  • Companies that offer freight forwarder services will charge a flat fee for services they provide. They will also handle payments for carriers, document processing or any other miscellaneous expenses. The charges should be cleanly listed within your freight quote, certifying the entirety of what your freight forwarder will itemize.

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