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Freight Forwarding Services

Freight forwarders take care of cargo and freight as it moves across different modes of transport and carriers. A freight forward makes sure the carriage goes from origin to destination, coordinating with the carriers that handle the freight, handling all the important work along the way. Our Vancouver forwarding division deals with the success of any international freight shipments.

What does a Freight Forwarder actually do?

After the first contact with a Vancouver freight forwarding company, they will give you a quote. They’ll detail the price for international shipping, any carrier charges, duties, their forwarding fees and the cost of insurance.

They should provide details explaining why they chose the timeline, any transfers and transportation choices. Freight forwarders also give you advise related to the particular laws for your cargo (import/export, customs law, etc.).

After making a request to our Vancouver freight forwarding service, we’ll reach out to our carriers, confirm the amount, completely deal with documentation and handle the packaging.

Key Talking Points when hiring a Freight Forwarder from Vancouver:

  • Will my freight travel by air? If so, did the International Shipping Association approve the freight forwarder? It may not be mandatory, but this approval shows the company adheres to the highest standards.
  • Is the freight forwarder regarded as honest by the freight carriers they work with and previous customers?
  • How large is the network of domestic and international carriers connected to the freight forwarder?
  • What methods are used to stay on top of carriers (phone, online tools, etc.)
  • Does the freight forwarder come equipped with a complete set of resources and services?
  • What insurance options does the freight forwarder provide? Do they have additional options like “errors and omissions insurance”?
  • Is the freight forwarder knowledgeable, helpful, capable and customer service oriented? Do they have web-based real-time tracking tools for your Freight Forwarding codes as it is managed by our international forwarding agents?
  • Teams in place to help with permits, freight insurance, Letters of Credit and any regulative documentation.
  • Specialists for clearing customs, handling packaging, crating, containerization, distribution, repositing and inventory management.
  • Any company offering freight forwarder services charges a flat fee for the work they provide. They will handle any payments attached to document processes, carrier prices and all other miscellaneous expenses. Every charge should be disclosed up front in your freight quote, providing certainty for what the freight forward itemizes.

We are here today to answer any questions for the best for the freight forwarder services for Vancouver.


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