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When you choose King City/Northway Forwarding Limited for your transportation needs, you will be offered a comprehensive range of service options that are not limited to but include:

  • Competitive Freight Rates and Routing Services for "Imports" and "Exports" by land, sea or air for both L.C.L. and F.C.L.

  • Consolidations and/or Deconsolidations in our "Regular" or "InBond" warehousing facilities.

  • Local Distribution Service from either of our warehousing facilities located in Montreal, Q.C. and Toronto, ON.

  • Transhipment and Containerization (stuffing and destuffing) of FAK such as H/W and S/W lumber, logs, wood pulp, automobiles, metals, etc. done in our own warehousing facilities which are accessible by both rail and truck.

  • Specialized crating for delicate and fragile cargo.

  • Completely computerized (Export/Import) International Documentation Service provided by our own experienced staff. In other words, verification and preparation of: 
    -Letters of Credit
    -Bills of Lading
    -Certificates of Origin
    -Bank Drafts
    as well as other pertinent documents. 

  • We also assist with tracing of overseas payment and/or collection when requested, and handle
    -Marine Insurance and
    -Break Bulk Shipments.


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